Disability income protection for executives & entrepreneurs

Executives | Entrepreneurs

Your client's ability to earn a sizeable income is their biggest asset, yet is most often taken for granted. Traditional Insurers are ineffective at meeting the income replacement ratios of high earners. Exceptional Risk Advisors provides personal high limit disability solutions for your very affluent clientele. Coverage is available above and beyond what traditional insurers offer.

Exceptional Risk Advisors also provides high-limit Key Person and disability Buy-Out for private and public organizations, law firms, and medical professionals. Monthly benefits exceeding $200,000, plus lump sum benefits beyond $50 million are available.

  • High Limit Disability
  • Key Person Coverage
  • Disability Buy-Out
  • Contractual Indemnification
  • Interim Life Insurance
  • Business Overhead Expense
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • War Risk Coverage
Case Studies
  • An executive made over $2 million a year, but only had $15,000 per month of disability coverage in force. This represented less than a 10% income replacement ratio. The principals at Exceptional Risk Advisors designed a program delivering an additional $85,000 per month of disability coverage.
  • A niche software company partnership valued at $30 million was owned jointly by two principals. Exceptional Risk Advisors designed a disability program that insured each executive for $15 million to fund a Buy-Out agreement.