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Disability Insurance for doctorsA doctor’s ability to earn a sizeable income is predicated on the ability to see patients, perform surgery, and further their education. Traditional insurers often fall short of the replacement ratios necessary to adequately protect a doctor’s income.

Exceptional Risk Advisors provides high limit disability solutions for medical professionals.

Coverage Includes
  • Monthly benefits up to $150,000 per month
  • Elimination periods of 90, 180, and 365 days
  • Benefit periods up to 60 months, plus lump sum benefits to an aggregate of $10,000,000+
  • Individual or Multi-life coverage
  • Residual Benefit Rider & COLA available
  • Own Occupation definition
Case Studies
  • A surgeon earning $900,000 per year obtained $20,000 per month of disability coverage through traditional outlets. Exceptional Risk Advisors underwrote an additional $25,000 per month followed by a lump sum of $900,000 to facilitate appropriate coverage in the event of a disability.
  • Six radiology partners required a disability policy to fund their Buy-Sell agreement. Exceptional Risk Advisors bound a practice owned Buy-Sell Disability policy insuring each partner of the practice for an aggregate of $10 million of total coverage.