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American Owned, Associated Press, Losses One in First Known Insider Shooting of Journalists

Anja Niedringhaus and Kathy Gannon

  April 2014 | Phone: 866.512.0444

American Owned, Associated Press, looses One in First Known Insider Shooting of Journalists.

Friday April 4th, on the eve of Afghanistan's presidential elections, Anja Niedringhaus and Kathy Gannon were traveling among a protected Afghan convoy when a police commander opened fire on

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Posted Tue, Apr 15th, 2014 New York Post

Freescale Semiconductor: 20 employees in the vanishing of Malaysia airliner.

Freescale Semiconductor Chip Making Industry Company

  March 2014 | Phone: 866.512.0444

Freescale Semiconductor: 20 employees in the vanishing of Malaysia airliner. 

On board the vanished Malaysia flight MH370 were an intelligent group of engineers and specialists involved in projects at Freescale in Tianjin, China; a U.S. Austin, Texas-based chip making company.

Though the 20 missing employees aboard

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Posted Mon, Mar 17th, 2014 CNBC

Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley Resort's Sky Diving CEO, is Thankful to be Alive

Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley Resort, Skydiving, Accident,

   February 2014 | Phone: 866.512.0444

Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley Resort's Sky Diving CEO, is Thankful to be Alive

On October 13, 2013, Andy Wirth jumped into the sky near Lodi, CA with unfortunate and devastating consequences. Due to changing winds, Wirth missed the landing zone, crashed down into

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Posted Thu, Feb 20th, 2014 Snowbrains

Sounds of Silence

Sounds of Silence

Posted Mon, Jan 20th, 2014 By Edward Tafaro and Frank Zuccarello

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher still in artificial coma.

Michael Schumacker, Formula One, Disability, Coma, Accident, Skiing

January 2014 | Phone: 866.512.0444

Schumacher,after undergoing two surgeries, still remains in artificail coma.

Michael Schumacher, the most successful driver in Formula One history, remains in an artificially induced coma. In late December, Schumacher fell during a skiing trip in the French alps and hit his head on

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Posted Thu, Jan 16th, 2014 Daily News

Redline CEO to Resigns Due To Disability

Redline's Eric Malka Key Person Diability

December2013 | Phone: 866.512.0444

Key Executive Resigns FollowingSick Leave for Back Injury

"Eric Melka, Redline's CEO since January 2010, has been dealing with a persistent back injury that forced him to take a medical leave of absence as announced on August 8th, 2013 and subsequently to resign as

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Posted Thu, Dec 19th, 2013 Redline Communications

NFL Disability Endorsement

Jermichael Finley Endorsesment for Disability

November 2013 | Phone: 866.512.0444

After Career Threatening Blow NFL Player Discusses Disability Insurance

After a crushing tackle Green Bay Packer's star tight end Jermichael Finley was admitted to the ICU. He questioned his neurosurgeon, "Will I walk again?"  His definitive answer, "Yes, you are moving your legs right now." 

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Posted Mon, Nov 25th, 2013 The MMQB

Newly Selected CEO Killed During Safari

Exceptional Risk Elephant

  October 2013 | Phone: 866.512.0444

Newly Selected CEO of Keck Medicine Dies in Elephant Stampede

Dr. Thomas McAfee, a 58-year-old former dean at UCSD, who was recently selected to be the CEO of Keck Medicine of the USC Medical Foundation, was killed in August after he fell

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Posted Fri, Oct 25th, 2013

Vivus CEO Resigns for Health Reasons


  September 2013 | Phone: 866.512.0444

Key Executive Bows Out to Concentrate on Personal Health

Just weeks after being appointed CEO of Vivus Pharmacuticals, Tony Zook, known for his experience in launching blockbuster drugs, resigned after only one month due to health issues.  It’s a blow to both Zook

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Posted Wed, Sep 25th, 2013

AuRico Gold's CEO Resigns After Sick Leave

Colin Benner

  August 2013 | Phone: 866.512.0444

AuRico Gold's Executive Chairmain ResignsAfter Medical Leave

On June 11, 2013, AuRico Gold, a leading low cost gold producer announced that Colin Benner, Executive Chairman announced his resignation for health reasons; this after being on sick leave since April 30.


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Posted Tue, Aug 20th, 2013 The New York Times
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